Carbon Filter MountainAir MA840 (950 CFM)


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  • Lasts longer than other carbon filters
  • Exchanges more air than other carbon filters
  • Removes more contaminants than other carbon filters
  • Eliminates odors completely
  • Reduces noise through its muffled design.  
  • Removes most VOCs of less than 30 microns


8 in stock

Carbon Filter MountainAir MA840 is the ultimate solution for effective odor control in your indoor gardening or hydroponic setup. Designed with top-notch materials and advanced filtration technology, ensuring the elimination of unwanted odors and providing a fresh and clean environment for your plants.

MountainAir engineers the  Carbon Filter with quality materials, ensuring its delivery of outstanding performance..  It has an impressive airflow capacity of 840 cubic feet per minute. It effectively removes unwanted smells and odorous compounds from the air, allowing you to say goodbye to unpleasant scents and enjoy a more pleasant and odor-free growing space.

The high-quality activated carbon in the MountainAir Carbon Filter MA0840 is one of its key advantages.. Sourced from premium-quality materials and treated to maximize its odor-absorbing capabilities. Efficiently traps and neutralizes a wide range of odors, ensuring that the air in your indoor garden remains clean and fresh.

Installation is a breeze with the MountainAir Carbon Filter MA0840. It is designed to fit standard 8-inch ventilation systems making it compatible with a wide range of grow tents, grow rooms, or ventilation setups. With its built-in flange and pre-filter, installation is easy and hassle-free.

Durability is a top priority for the MountainAir Carbon Filter MA0840. Constructed with sturdy and long-lasting materials in order to withstand the demands of continuous use. Its robust design ensures optimal performance over extended periods, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Carbon Filter MountainAir MA840 makes maintenance easy. The included pre-filter protects the activated carbon by extending its lifespan and preventing clogging. Regular maintenance involves replacing the pre-filter and ensuring proper airflow, keeping the filter working efficiently.



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CFM: 840

MAX Air Flow CFM: 951

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