Professional Grow Light – 750W Phantom DE50 120V/240V


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  •  Includes Hilux Gro DE 750w HPS Lamp
  • Highly efficient in overlapping with LED in a multi-light configurations
  • More cost effective than LED lights with an excellent PAR output (1450 µmol/s)
  • Six-way wattage output control: 400W 600W, 750W, 825W
  • Robust commercial grade quality provides reliability and affordability
  • Compact design minimizes interference with sun in greenhouse applications
  • Premium aluminum European hammer tone interior: 99.85% pure, 95% reflectivity
  • Built in cooling fins for delivering maximum heat dissipation
  • Patented ignition control and patented reflector design: D731,109
  • European-made VS K12 x 30s high temperature lamp holders
  • Compatibility with Autopilot PX Series Digital Lighting Controller
  • suitable for use in high humidity locations




18 in stock

The 750W Phantom DE50 Professional Grow Light System is a designed to deliver exceptional performance and efficiency for indoor horticulture.

At the heart of the system is the 750W double-ended (DE) high-pressure sodium lamp which provides intense light output and coverage. With its high wattage, the DE lamp delivers robust illumination. This ensures thorough light penetration and uniform distribution across the entire grow area. This promotes healthy plant growth, strong flowering, and impressive yields.

The Phantom DE50 Professional Grow Light System also features a fully enclosed and optimally designed reflector. The  interior is made of highly reflective material which maximizes both the lights intensity and coverage.

The enclosed design helps contain light within the reflector, prevents light leaks, and overall enhance the light’s effectiveness.

The ballast operates at a high frequency and incorporates advanced technologies such as soft-start and hot-restrike which increases efficiency, improves lamp longevity and minimizes downtime.

Installation and operation of the Phantom 50 Series DE Enclosed Lighting System are user-friendly and straightforward. The system is designed for plug-and-play functionality which makes it easy to set up and start using immediately. It is also compatible with standard 120V and 240V electrical systems, providing flexibility for different grow room configurations.

In conclusion, the 750W Phantom 50 Series DE Enclosed Lighting System is a top-of-the-line professional solution for indoor horticulture. With its high-powered 1000W DE lamp, enclosed reflector design, built-in ballast, and user-friendly operation, the 750W Phantom offers professional growers a reliable and efficient solution for achieving optimal plant growth, abundant yields, and successful cultivation results.

*Fixture and lamp conform to California 2022 Building Energy Efficiency Standards for Residential and Nonresidential Buildings, California Title 24, part 6, section 120.6, (h) Mandatory requirements for Controlled Environment Horticulture (CEH) spaces, 2. Indoor growing, horticultural lighting.; and 6. Greenhouses, horticultural lighting.

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Product Details – Downloadable PDF

Phantom DE Brochure –

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Phantom Electrical Specs –

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Phantom Cut Sheet –



Phantom/ Xtrasun Testing –



Phantom DE50 Instructions –



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